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The most economical way to heat your pool

I recently had supplied and fitted the stylish Pacific Breeze PB15 air source heat pump in place of our defunct swimming pool gas boiler. It quickly became apparent that we’d made the right choice.


The cost of heating-up our 10,000 gallon indoor pool from 10 to 30 degrees dropped from c.£150 (using gas) down to c.£35 (electric) and took about the same amount of time to do so. To run both PB15 as well as a Vaporex dehumidifier 24/7 really works out to be extremely economical. The old gas boiler on its own used to cost us an extra £5 a day!.


The PB15 seems to have no trouble maintaining the pool water temperature at a constant, comfortable 30 degrees regardless of outside temperature and it will easily go higher.

On the assumption that the forthcoming summer months will be even warmer we are expecting the cost of heating our swimming pool to drop even further.”

Keith P.    London

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